Location of EZARDs in England

Northern EZARDs

The largest group of EZARDs is found in the north of England, most notably in Yorkshire – the East Riding, the North Riding, and the Ainsty of York, which are areas strongly connected with migrations from the North West of Europe during the Dark Ages, i.e. before about 1000AD. (Please refer to Anglo-Saxon Immigration and Ethnogenesis, a paper by Heinrich Härke, Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Reading.  See Resources pages for reference: https://ezardthenameanditshistory.wordpress.com/websites-research/ .)

Though, as yet, I have no proof I believe that a proto-form of the name that developed into EZARD may have come to England during those years, i.e. the deep roots of the name and namebearers may lie in North West Europe.  Interestingly, the name EZARD does not appear on the database of England’s Immigrants 1330-1550.


London EZARDs

Since the late 16th century, the name EZARD has been known in London/Middlesex; initially, at least, there are indications that the namebearers were in England in some sort of official capacity.

The first EZARD reference is in the Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Elizabeth, 1591-1594 , Vol 244, January 1593, which refers to Count Ezard (or Edzard) of East Friesland. Both forms of the name are used; they seem to be considered the same.

From the 1690s there was an EDZARD family in London. John Esdras Edzard was for many years a minister at the Protestant High German Church in Trinity Lane, City of London.

A number of  EDZARD baptisms in the 1720s/1730s indicate – from the names chosen and from the names of the parents – that these families were of German origin, possibly newly arrived with the Hanoverian monarchy. (George I became king in 1714.)

This small group of E(D)ZARDs in the London area I have dubbed the ‘Diplomatic Ezards’.

Further research may be able to establish a  link between the Northern Ezards and the London (‘Diplomatic’) Ezards.

At this early stage of the Study there are certainly indications that the story of the name EZARD is a story of migration.




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