EZARD as a Forename

In the late 16th and early 17th centuries, EZARD was sometimes used as a forename, perhaps to remember the mother’s maiden name. I have found two marriage entries in which the bride is named ‘Ezard’ and a Hearth Tax entry.


Wiltshire: St Edward’s Church, Salisbury
29 October 1572
Henry Barter married Ezard Hawkes

Lancashire: St Paul’s Church, Caton
8 May 1614
Thomas Todd married Ezard Johnson

Hearth Tax

Michaelmas 1664

Dorset, Powerstock

Ezard Muddle


UK Genealogy Archives, Bishop’s Transcripts (Marriages), Wiltshire

Lancashire Online Parish Clerks (original Register held at Lancashire Archives)

Dorset Online Parish Clerk, Powerstock.


EDZARD is a German forename:

Edzard Cirkensas 1462-1528 was Count of East Friesland. Because of his achievements, he was known as Edzard the Great. His grandson Edzard II, 1532-1599, was also Count of East Friesland. (The links take you to the East Friesland/EZARD page on this site.)

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