Migration to Manchester

In 1867, the name EZARD crossed the Pennines to Manchester. The move seems to be related to the enterprise of three young men from the East Riding – Richard Rowbotham, his brother-in-law Charles Ezard, and Isaac Sykes. They went into partnership as Rowbotham, Ezard & Sykes at the Wellington Iron Works, Bradford, Manchester. (Today this part of Manchester is known as Eastlands.)

Richard Rowbotham and Charles Ezard were the designers and Isaac Sykes was the technical member of the team. Isaac is described as ‘Master Iron Founder’ and, to date, no designs have been found that were registered to his name.

The partnership of Rowbotham, Ezard & Sykes created employment and several families (EZARDs and others) moved to Manchester, around Bradford Road; entries in the 1871 census for the immediate area testify to this. The first recorded Ezard birth in Manchester is in the third quarter of 1868.

Perhaps co-incidentally, William Ezard of Filey – ‘Joiner and Builder and Lodging House keeper’ – was adjudged bankrupt on 1 October 1867 and moved his own family to Bradford Road, Manchester. About a decade later, when their fortunes had improved, they moved to Deeside – Hoylake and West Kirby on the Wirral peninsula.

Refs: The London Gazette No 23307, p 5377, 4 October 1867; Hoylake & West Kirby Advertiser, 21 June 1924.

Census refs: RG10 Piece 4059 Folio 76 Page 17 (Bradford Road, Bradford, Manchester); RG10 Piece 4060 Folio 44 Page 27 (Hampton Street, Bradford, Manchester)

The first EZARD births registered in the Manchester area:

EZARD, James   Sep Q, 1868, Rochdale, Vol 8e p61

EZARD, Lucy     Sep Q, 1868, Manchester, Vol 8d  p319

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