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I try my best to respect the copyright of others’ work and ask that you will respect the copyright of mine. If you would like to quote from, or link to, pages within this blog, please credit me as the source of the information. Thank you.

Some of the information is not yet certain beyond doubt, in which case I have stated that ‘there are pointers’/the record suggests that..’ etc. If or when new evidence comes to light, I will update the pages.

The old photographs are from the Ezard Family Archive, the newer ones I have taken myself; my son took the photograph on About the Researcher page. None of the photographs is for commercial re-use. I ask that you contact me if you have any queries about the photographs. Thank you.

I have also used photographs taken by other researchers – most notably, Lisa Blosfelds and Peter Church. They hold the copyright and so you should contact them if you wish to reproduce any of their photographs. It is also courtesy to contact anyone who has licensed a photograph for re-use under the Creative Commons scheme.

The books, programs, courses, forums, sources etc mentioned in this blog have proved very useful to me. I have not been paid to promote any of them. No program or page that I have used on the computer has caused it any harm but, obviously, you use any digital resource at your own risk. (You yourself might find that you do not get on with one or some of the items named; ultimately, it is all a matter of personal taste.)

My researches are currently focused on the EZARD name before about 1920. It is not my intention to publish the name of any living/potentially living namebearer. This is to respect the privacy of individuals and families. Plus, there is quite enough to research before 1920! If you have any queries, or later information, then please contact me. Thank you.

This is a free blog on WordPress. The small advertisements that you see have been placed by I have no control over the content, nor am I endorsing any of the products or services.

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