Ezard names compositeThe EZARD Study is researching the origins and history of this old Yorkshire name. There are indications that EZARD may, ultimately, be of Germanic origin even though it has been a ‘Yorkshire’ name for many generations. The name has always been strong in the north of England, particularly in Yorkshire, and crossed the Pennines to Manchester in 1867. EZARD has spread to Australia, North America and elsewhere, and so it is now more likely that you will meet an Ezard in, say, Melbourne or Toronto than in Yorkshire. For this reason, I would love to hear from fellow family historians/researchers who have an Ezard in their line.

The blog pages will cover my research as it progresses:
1. The Name: pronunciation, origins, distribution, variants.

2. The History: Historical references to EZARD, information sourced from registers and official records, e.g. EZARDs in World War 1, and interesting snippets.

3. Resource list and links – the books, CDs, websites, links and so on – that are enabling me to tackle a worldwide Study.

4. My ONS Diary: from inception to now – the ups and downs of learning how to tackle an One-Name Study.

The Study is in its early stages but I will do my best to tackle EZARD questions, though I cannot guarantee a definitive answer.  More importantly, if you have an EZARD in your line, you may be able to help this Study – if so, please get in touch.

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